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About The Wainstones Hotel

On the summit of the hills overlooking Great Broughton stands a curious outcrop named Wainstones. A detached piece of this bears an inscription RO 1712 WOOING JD. This mystical carving is nothing more than a simple love history cut by some local rustic swain and no doubt gave the earlier title “Swainstones”. During the course of time, the letter ‘S’ disappeared, hence the title “Wainstones”. It’s present day shape being fashioned by nature over many centuries.

The Wainstones Hotel… This present day structure has developed around a former dwelling dating from early 1700, originally the roof would be thatched. Pantile roofs were not used in our area until 1790 onwards.

For many years two grass fields near the present cricket field formed part of this holding. The Bradley family of long standing in Great Broughton held possession for a long time, milking their cows in these open fields during spring and summer, conveying milk by shoulder yoke back home twice daily.

Named after an outcrop of rocks on the the hills overlooking the picturesque village of Great Broughton the Wainstones Hotel has gained an enviable reputation for quality and comfort of it's bedroom, Pembrokes Bar and restaurant.